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What is OSHA 30 Training?

"OSHA 30" is the Outreach training intended for those with supervisory duties, including safety directors, forepersons, and field supervisors. This 30-hour course covers a more extensive range of topics, as supervisors need to know the rules for everyone working under them.

30-Hour courses differ by industry, with an industry-specific program for construction workers (OSHA 30 Construction), and a General Industry for everyone else. 

General Industry is perfect for manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, healthcare, and other medium/high-risk industries.

Who Needs OSHA 30 General Industry?

General Industry is much broader. It includes, but is not limited to, healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and retail. For more specialized work, OSHA requires specific training. Examples include when working in confined spaces, operating heavy equipment, and working with hazardous chemicals.

Who Needs OSHA 30 Construction?

You require OSHA Construction training if you’re a construction worker or a contractor. OSHA includes all work for construction, alteration, repair, painting, and decorating in its construction category.

Some construction workers may need additional training for specialized work, and anyone with supervisory responsibilities should take OSHA 30-Hour Construction Safety Outreach Training.