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Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology is a 2-year graduate degree program, the minimum eligibility is the 12th class from a recognized school board or its equivalent exam. Interested candidates can get admission to Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology on the basis of aspirant’s performance in a relevant entrance exam, and a subsequent round of counseling.

Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology is a Diploma level Operations Theatre Technology program. This program prepares aspirants to work in the operation theatre as a competent reliable technologist among the other team members of a healthcare department, under the supervision and guidance of senior doctors and Technical persons in their delivery of patient care. They learn the utilization of numerous diagnostic equipment for example Ventilators, monitors, Defibrillators, C-arm etc. and also patient assessment abilities. Training also concentrates on the knowledge and skills of monitoring infection control policy and procedures in the operation theatre.

OT Technicians work in Operation Theatre of hospitals, Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units. Their main responsibility is to assist and help Doctors and Surgeons during surgery and emergency procedures. Under the setup of a doctor's facility, Operation Theatre experts are generally part of a team that comprises of Doctors, attendants, nurses and other allied healthcare service professionals.

Such postgraduates are hired in capacities such as Plant Taxonomist, Plant Ecologist, Plant Morphologist, Plant Cytologist, Plant Physiologist, Plant Geneticist, Palynology’s, Plant Pathologist, Teacher & Lecturer etc. The average salary for a fresh aspirant is around 2 lakh to 10 lakh per annum.

Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology: What is it all about?

Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases and ailments through the use of clinical laboratory tests. In this program, the candidates learn to perform tests that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. This program also equips candidates with the knowledge and skills required to handle advanced lab equipments and perform accurate laboratory tests.

With the advances in the imaging technology for different tissues comprising of various organ systems in the human body such as X-rays, sonography CT-scanning, Ultra-sound, PET-scanning, MRI etc. there is an extensive demand for the imaging technologists.

Candidate who have completed their Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology looks after all the work and management of the operation theatre which involves managing the patients in and out of operation theatre, looking after all the surgical instruments involving their sterilization, dressing table, arranging operation table, instrument table, anaesthesia table and management of the operation theatre staff. An Operation Theatre Technologist also helps the surgeon amid the surgical operations and looks after the drugs required for surgery, drapes, anaesthetic gases, linen and their sterilization.

The aim of the program is to teach and train candidates in operation theatre technology and the management of operation theatre along with handling a wide range of operating instruments including electronic and advanced equipment used in modern operation theatres.

About Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology

Among the diploma programmes available in the paramedical field is the popular Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology. The Diploma in OTT course is a 2-year diploma course, which can be pursued right after class 12.

Students from the science stream can pursue this course if they wish to join the healthcare industry of the country. The 2-year Diploma in OTT course will train and mould the students in the functioning and operations of surgical and treatment equipment used by doctors and specialists in labs and hospitals alike.

Each college will define the curriculum intensively on understanding the importance, functioning, uses, and applications of various medical equipment and assist surgeons through medical procedures. The career options after Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology are also immense as the medical industry is rapidly growing and the need for skilled professionals in the field is now the need of the hour.

Irrespective of the course format, core subjects remain the same, when it comes to Operation Theatre Technology. Let us take a look at the core subjects to get a better idea about the course structure. Do you want to become an Operator Theatre Technician? Want to study Operation theatre technology course after completing 10th standard? If yes, this article will be of help to you. Here, I’ve listed OTT courses, which can be pursued by students who have passed 10th standard. Details covered in this article includes- course details, eligibility criteria, admission process and career prospects.

Anatomy and Physiology

Surgical Instruments

Patient Monitoring

Surgical Principles


Hospital Training

Operation Technology


Surgical Procedure

Medical Ethics

Anesthesia Technology